Rigger Force is an innovative, forward-thinking rigging company providing lifting solutions. We strive to be the best and most reliable rigging and jacking & sliding solutions service provider, operating in niche markets throughout Africa.

Our business is built on providing solutions to our clients that ensure projects are executed safely, professionally and cost effectively, which translates into being the best for customers. We provide specialised equipment and rigging teams to companies involved in infrastructure development, energy, mining and civil projects, as well as OEM companies. Our project based rigging and jacking & sliding solutions teams provide equipment and expertise for the installation of over-sized equipment in sectors ranging from power, rail, water, mining, petrochemical, refinery and gas.

Equipment owned and operated by Rigger Force includes hydraulic winches, chain blocks, reef blocks, snatch blocks, as well as jacking and sliding equipment (contact us for plant list) In short, Rigger Force offers fully integrated Rigging, Jacking and Sliding Solutions for the last 26 years and lifting study solutions to clients from planning to execution.

Our highly qualified riggers and mechanical staff undergo rigorous induction and practical hands on training, covering all the technical and operational aspects of relevant equipment and procedures. This ensures our teams are fully certified and suitably qualified for any job. We are a merSETA registered company with an apprenticeship training program.

Rigger Force is fully committed to the quality assurance and safety of all our projects, as well as nurturing and training our staff. The development of our staff is an important focus of our business in order to provide qualified artisans into the future. Rigger Force specialises in projects both in South Africa and many African countries, including most SADC countries. Rigger Force provides integrated rigging, jacking & Sliding services backed by decades of experience, state-of-the–art equipment and committed and dedicated staff.


Rigger Force supplies rigging equipment for projects ranging from 1 ton to 500tons. When planning a major lift we establish the equipment requirements, evaluate the costs and prepare detailed lifting studies, such as risk assessments and lifting procedures. Prior to the execution of the project, soil conditions and crane access are investigated.

Jacking & Sliding:

We have electrical hydraulic power packs with a capability to lift up to 2000 tons and diesel hydraulic power packs with a combined lifting capacity of 6000 tons.

Jacking and sliding systems include strong hydraulic jacks, pushing and driving cylinders, rails, and strong skidding tracks. These provide cost-effective lifting and moving solutions for heavy and complex pieces like transformers. For lifting work, various selection of jacks and skid systems are used. The aforementioned are designed to make horizontal movements safe and precise. Jacking and sliding solutions also enable installation in places that are not suitable for crane work.

For situations where conventional handling equipment such as cranes or others cannot be used, Rigger Force provides the most cost effective custom-design solutions with the highest level of work safety.

Experienced & certified riggers

Certified slings, chains and shackles to complete the most technical lifts Synchronised hydraulic jack systems with push /pull cylinders

Rail grab & Steel / Teflon slides Lifting procedures and studies Project execution

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“Introduction to Rigging and Lifting Studies Volume 2 – Written by PF van Eden”

Indispensable for Riggers and Riggers assistants

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